Christmas Dog Poems
by teens and some not-so-teens anymore!
Dog Poems
My people walk into the room.
They are alone.
They have a tree with them, my favorite.
But wait …
This one’s different.
It hurts if you try to eat it!
I don’t like this tree.
What are they doing to it!
They are putting balls and shiny lights on it.
I want to play!
But the tree still hurts me.
My people must be torturing me.
By Rachel Bouwens
Never before has the sun
been so diverse in color
And never before have
there been so many in one place
Plus, why can my owner bring in such a large stick
when I get in trouble for doing the same?
Yes, this happens once a year
and they still don’t let me pee
on those big bright rocks.
By Evelyn Hull
Warning: The following practice is not approved by the SPCA
Dark, dark, dark
Nibble, kibble
Giggly commotion outside my box,
Rustle, rustle
Squeals! Shrieks! Joy?
Tiny fingers paw me
Grope me
Lift me by the red ribbon around my neck
In the twinkling rainbow
My first Christmas.
By Rachel Hyde
Morning Comes
Oh! Yes, it’s morning.
I will get some treats.
I love when I get to see
my humans
The big green lit up thing,
my humans call a Christmas tree,
but it looks like a green thing
from outside.
By Leah Bouwens
Gazing up, I see the lights
So many, bright and flashing
It's all so exciting
Beneath the green tower lay bright boxes
For me?
My excitement takes control
Hairless two legs takes away my fun, again
Waving a finger
Maybe not for me
By Benjamin Hyde
A dog that saw a Christmas tree the first time 
will take off the needles. 
Then the dog will jump high
up the tree to take off the star! 
The dog will throw the star across the room 
up in the air
with a howl. 
Next, the dog will take all the branches out to 
play catch. 
Last, when the Christmas tree was all gone
the dog goes, "Bark, Bark, Bark!" 
All around the room 
with a BIG MESS! 

by Angela Yang

There is a tree in my house
and I smell a squirrel.
A squirrel has been is this tree.
It might still be.
I must find it.
What is this?
It’s crunchy.
and here’s some water
to wash down that crunchy metallic ball.
I smell popcorn.
Here it is,
A whole snake of popcorn.
I must kill it.
Shake it.
Eat it.
It’s stuck
I’ll pull
Oh no! The tree is attacking me.
I need to get out of here.
Crash, bang, boom.
Under the table I hide.
I’ll just take a peek.
What a mess!
What will mom say?
The cat – I’ll tell her the cat did it.
Oh look, there’s the mailman.
He’s attacking the house
With his evil minion, the squirrel.
I’ll stop them.
By Priscilla Berggren-Thomas
Here's What You Need to Know
by Autumn

Here’s what you need to know: It’s okay to parade around life wearing the word activist like a first place ribbon for a race you haven’t quite won. When did a want for equality become something to be ashamed of? When did we let society tell us what we are allowed to fight for? More importantly, why in the world is there still so much to fight for? We’ve been advocating for rights for centuries yet only 64% of college students vote. As much as we like to think otherwise, voting is a lot less stressful than marching.

Waiting for aliens
There are days I’d just like to be captured by aliens. High school can be nuts and sometimes I think another world would be better. For all we know aliens could have advanced societies in which equality is a main priority, or where their leader isn’t obsessed with themselves, just saying.

Or perhaps aliens are more advanced than modern humans and have already figured out so many things about religion or education or government that humans couldn’t achieve in 100 years.

Or maybe aliens are just like humans but from a different planet and they call themselves humans and we are the alien life form they are searching for. And maybe they are in a different galaxy.

Suppose aliens are all the different story book characters that we all love and we can go into their world.

Aliens could be just like us and not green at all. They could be models or teachers or athletes or scientists. Or even authors that write stories about aliens from a destroyed planet in the Milky Way galaxy called Earth.

Maybe aliens don’t have Geometry. Or Charles Dickens.

Some days are pretty cool, but on others, I just wish I could see that UFO.

by Anonymous 
More Flash Fiction
Six Sentence Stories
Write a story about a supervillian's to-do list: 

A proper villain needs to start his or his day right and that is always with tea. Then they proceed to their daily planning, because you cannot be effectively evil without having a method to your madness. After you plan it’s time for some “me time,” being a criminal is very hard on your mental state and you need to take care of yourself. So spend this time to relax, pick up a hobby, legal or illegal, your choice, it is time for you. After that you have to be very productive and do your best to complete your plans for the day. Lastly, go to bed and cry about your tragic backstory and how you just need proper care and love to become a functioning member of society again. 
By Ben H. 

Write a story that begins with the lines - Death walked into the Library. The librarian was having a bad day. 

Death walked into the library. The librarian was having a bad day. Death, while remaining completely silent, politely extended a pale, bony hand.
“Not today,” the librarian said as she continued to viciously shelve books, “you think you can just come in here and go ahead and take my life without any warning… at least let me find someone to take care of my dogs first!”
But Death, still quiet as could be, reached past the librarian, pulled a book of the shelf, and proceeded to the circulation desk.
By Nate J. 

Write a story that begins with the line "She was a locksmith and her specialty was locking doors that should never be opened." 


She was a locksmith, and her specialty was locking doors that should never be opened. It was precisely why I hired her to lock my pesky emotions. She would trap them someplace called “I don’t care”. The procedure would be expensive, and the magic was dangerous. In all honesty, I just want to watch Glee without crying. Is that too much to ask?  
by Evie H. 

Write a story about a purchase that leads to intergalactic war. 

I swear I just wanted to complete my Amazon order. How was I supposed to know that "cheese glue gun" was code for some weird alien ray? At least my "we're not the only ones" followers will get quite a kick out of my journey throughout space. Sure fighting other living beings over some weapon I didn't even want might put a damper on things. Now that I think about it, the possible destruction of the planet might be a tad sucky as well. But they did supply me with unlimited cheese, right? 
by Autumn C. 

Creation Myths
Flash Fiction
The teens are working on flash fiction. The prompt was - write a creation myth involving string and feathers. 

The Brain by Benjamin
Tyrone the Trickster was given Earth as a present, where he could do as he wished, just so he would stop bothering his family. Being the trickster that his name implied, he thought that it would be funny to not give the majority of the population brains but rather he would remove them and replace them with other objects. Thus creating featherheads, those who have rocks rolling around in their heads, or the string brained, and the unlucky few who have no brains at all. The real punishment though was the pain that people felt who actually had a brain.

The Moon by Evie

The moon and the sun gathered their children together.
“My lovelies, it is time for us to create a place for things to live,” the moon said.
“But why?” asked the little children”
“So that we might have people to worship us,” replied the Sun.
The little children searched all over for items.
One found a thimble, for the core of the earth to be made. But when the sun held it, it became too hot.
“My love,” said the moon wrapping the thimble in a feather, “this will keep it cool so that the people may actually live”.
Another found tear drops. But when the moon held it, it would not leave her fingertips.
“Here,” the sun said, wrapping it with string, “now it can stick to the earth.”
They set the planet down, and everyone surrounded it so that it would not escape.

“Now the life will form and we may be worshipped.” the moon said.

This World by Autumn 
Feathers and string carefully woven into the trees and thier leaves. What once were cobwebs now creating fluffy clouds. Crayons melted to make rivers flowing ever so vibrantsly. The bulbs of lightning bugs gently folded to make stars. The world was ever so simple as long as you avoided magnifying glasses. 

Some Haiku Poems on the Scent of Words
by the Teen Writers

Bamboozle: it smells, 
not of bamboo, or shampoo
But of wet doggos. 

by Nate Johnson

We're mediocre, 
not in meaning but in its
sweet complexity. 

by Autumn Clayman

How does a word smell? 
If you sniff, they all smell, 
you just have to sniff. 

by Evie Hull 

Wafting through your nose
the sweet scent is inviting
like candy on shelves 

by Santana Deckard