Book list for Writers
available at Phillips Free Library
Title Author
The 4 a.m. breakthrough : unconventional writing exercises that transform your fiction Kiteley, Brian.
Adventures in fantasy : lessons and activities in narrative and descriptive writing, grades 5-9 Gust, John.
Beyond the first draft : the art of fiction Casey, John, 1939-
Dear mister essay writer guy : advice and confessions on writing, love, and cannibals Moore, Dinty W., 1955- author.
Everyday creative writing : panning for gold in the kitchen sink Smith, Michael C. (Michael Cecil)
Finding your voice : how to put personality in your writing Edgerton, Leslie.
Five pages a day : a writer's journey Kehret, Peg.
The guide to writing fantasy and science fiction : 6 steps to writing and publishing your bestseller! Athans, Philip.
Handling the truth : on the writing of memoir Kephart, Beth.
If you want to write Ueland, Brenda.
Making an elephant : writing from within Swift, Graham, 1949-
Now write! science fiction, fantasy and horror : speculative genre exercises from today's best writers and teachers Lamson, Laurie.
Old friend from far away : the practice of writing memoir Goldberg, Natalie.
On writing : a memoir of the craft King, Stephen, 1947-
On writing well : an informal guide to writing nonfiction.  
The productive writer : tips & tools to help you write more, stress less & create success Cohen, Sage.
Reflections : on the magic of writing Jones, Diana Wynne.
A solemn pleasure : to imagine, witness, and write Pritchard, Melissa.
Steal the scene : writing amazing drama Schwartz, Heather E., author.
Steering the craft : exercises and discussions on story writing for the lone navigator or the mutinous crew Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-
Swallowing the sea : on writing & ambition boredom purity & secrecy Upton, Lee, 1953-
Take ten for writers : 1000 inspiring exercises Neubauer, Bonnie.
Thanks, but this isn't for us : a (sort of) compassionate guide to why your writing is being rejected Morrell, Jessica Page, 1953-
Unless it moves the human heart : the craft and art of writing Rosenblatt, Roger.
What's your story? : a young person's guide to writing fiction Bauer, Marion Dane.
Wild ink : how to write fiction for young adults Hanley, Victoria.
Will write for shoes : how to write a chick lit novel Yardley, Cathy.
Will you read to me? Cazet, Denys.
Wonderbook : the illustrated guide to creating imaginative fiction VanderMeer, Jeff.
Word after word after word MacLachlan, Patricia.
Words fail me : what everyone who writes should know about writing O'Conner, Patricia T.
Words with wings Grimes, Nikki.
World enough & time : on creativity and slowing down McEwen, Christian, 1956-
The write start : a guide to nurturing writing at every stage, from scribbling to forming letters and writing stories Hallissy, Jennifer.
Write this book : a do-it-yourself mystery Bosch, Pseudonymous.
Writer to writer : from think to ink Levine, Gail Carson. author.
Writer's market 2016  
Writing : a user manual : a practical guide to the craft of planning, starting and finishing a novel Hewson, David, 1953-
Writing articles about the world around you Yudkin, Marcia.
Writing as a way of healing : how telling our stories transforms our lives DeSalvo, Louise A., 1942-
Writing begins with the breath : embodying your authentic voice Herring, Laraine, 1968-
Writing books for young people Giblin, James.
Writing down the days : 365 creative journaling ideas for young people Dahlstrom, Lorraine M.
Writing fantastic fiction Anderson, Jennifer Joline, author.
Writing for a good cause : the complete guide to crafting proposals and other persuasive pieces for nonprofits Barbato, Joseph, 1944-
Writing for animation, comics & games Marx, Christy.
Writing for children & teenagers Wyndham, Lee.
Writing from personal experience : how to turn your life into salable prose Kelton, Nancy.
Writing from the senses : 59 exercises to ignite creativity and revitalize your writing Deutsch, Laura.
Writing is my drink : a writer's story of finding her voice (and a guide to how you can too) Nestor, Theo Pauline.
Writing magic : creating stories that fly Levine, Gail Carson.
Writing--the sacred art : beyond the page to spiritual practice Shapiro, Rami M.
Writing to change the world Pipher, Mary Bray.
Writing to describe Jarnow, Jill.
Writing to persuade Jarnow, Jill.
Writing to wake the soul : opening the sacred conversation within Hering, Karen.
Writing tools : 50 essential strategies for every writer Clark, Roy Peter.
Writing with style Young, Sue, 1932-
Writing without the muse : 60 beginning exercises for the creative writer Joselow, Beth.
Writing your college admissions essay Newman, Gerald.
You have to write Wong, Janet S.
The young writer's handbook Tchudi, Susan Jane, 1945-
Your life is a book : how to craft and publish your memoir Peterson, Brenda, 1950-